Passion Canyon

Welkom bij Passion Canyon!

Canyoning is an unforgettable adventure that takes place in deep canyons full of waterfalls, slides and abseils. Are you looking for a fantastic adventure you've come to the right place. The guides from Passion Canyon will do everything to ensure you'll have an adventurous day. Whether you are a beginner or an adrenaline junkie, Passion Canyon has a beautiful canyon for everyones taste.



Among the day trips are the various canyons described. For those not quite know what canyoning, and how a typical canyoning day envolves here's a page where all your questions are answered. Do you still have questions, please feel free to contact so we can help you. After all, canyoning, is a team sport.



Our guides are all professionally trained and have long been recognized by the French Ministry of "Jeunesse et Sports". You can rest assured that you will be expertly guided through the most beautiful canyons. Your guide will help you prepare for the trip, equipment and of course the descent through the canyon. Your guide will take time for you and we end the day together with a fantastic experience as a souvenir.

Why choose Passion Canyon?

  • Michiel van der Lans, owner of Passion Canyon, lives and works in France and has an invaluable knowledge and expertise of the canyons in France (and Europe).
  • Passion Canyon gives professional canyoning trainees. – We are one of the few Dutch canyoning guides recognized by France. And let's face it, why would you "put your life at risk’ with someone who is not qualified?!
  • We just use good materials (i.e.. 5mm neoprene suits) so you can enjoy your adventure more comfortable.

Some of our canyons:

Canyon de Rouanne, Canyon de Rabou
Fun for all, beginners canyon with small waterfalls, slides and jumps. time: ½ day cost: €45 p/p
Canyon de Riolan
A great classic! Lots of swimming, sliding and jumping and spectacular abseils guarantee a big adventure. time: 1 day cost: € 85 p / p
Torrent de Chin Chin, Oules Freissinières
Canyons for real daredevils! Experience is a requirement for these spectecular canyons. time: 1 day cost: € 125 p / p

France has so many beautiful canyons to offer and a few of them are located in the Hautes Alpes. Are you looking for a guide for the canyons in the Verdon (Val Angouire, Riou or Mainmorte) or for the Alpes Maritimes (Riolan, Aiglun, Bagnolar, Cramassouri, Imberguet or the Maglia) please feel free to contact us and we will make you a customized program.

Are you looking for a guide for the canyons outside of France? No problem! We offer all inclusive canyoning weeks in Ticino, Mecca for canyoneurs, in Majorca, a paradise iland for canyoning. Is this not what you are looking for, or do you want individual coaching, training or do you have a project? Let us know and we look together at what is possible. Have fun in the water!